Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thunderbird Resort Rizal


pool bar

Narra function hall

pool area

Narra Conference center

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poro Point, La union Thunderbird Resort Santorini inspired

escape to Thunderbird Resort Poro Point, La Union is a nice place to relax and rejuvenate.
Is good thing to Know that Zest air Airlines having a flight from Manila going to San Fernando, La Union. and Thunderbird Resort promoting quarterly promo called Escape to Thunderbird Resorts for a big Discount.

Own a piece of paradise here in the philippines

Race on golf course hole number 4 using golf Cart
The Point Residences at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union
if you want a big discount for air fare, The thunderbird Resorts having a tie up in Zest Air
and they are giving a cheap price incase you want to reserve a ticket just call Makati office (632)886.5555


Day 1
12:00pm Manila going to Old NAIA Airport
01:00pm ETD Departure going to San Fernando La Union.
02:00pm free Shuttle going to Thunderbird Resorts
02:15pm Hotel Check-in
03:00pm optional swim in pool, wading in beach front, or Golf
06:00pm Dinner at Olives of Vegas cafe for free shuttle service that you can request to the front desk
08:00pm sound trip in fiesta Casino for free live band and play all you want.
10:00pm Socials with the other guest in santorini music lounge

06:00am breeze walk or jog in the boardwalk beside the caostal area and beach front.
07:00am Have a free complimentary breakfast buffet style.
09:00am choice of City tour, going to San juan surfing Area or "halo halo Iloco" for the food trip
10:00am back to hotel optional for a great massage or find a movie marathon you can rent at the front desk

Gel from Travel life

Vegas cafe

Rod Business Mirror 


TJ expat


Side Trip at San Juan, La Union surfing Area

Hot hot hot surf dude

Blogger's and Media having a surfing 1o1

Macho Temple

Michelle and anne

Roel - Experience Philippines

Halo halo Iloco

Mica and Melo

Okoy na di basta basta

busog sa halo halo

Halo halo for only 85pesos that you really love it.
Welcome Pindangan Ruins "whooo"

Fiesta Casino at Thunderbird Resorts
where do you want to bet banker or player
Eric's Having a big problem for "pambili ng bigas" because he lost everything  for playing a  cards

Beginner's Luck

Mica's bet becomes double and the others blogger enjoys there playing cards of fortune

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FUN RUN FOR A CAUSE. Thunderbird Resorts ondoy no more

Thunderbird Resorts Run for a Cause
Sept. 26, 2010

Last year, 'Ondoy' wrecked havoc in the Philippines with the Rizal province badly hit by the typhoon.

In commemoration of the devastating event and in recognition of all the efforts that helped Thunderbird Resorts and the rest of the Rizal province rise above the calamity, we bring:

Thunderbird Resorts Run for a Cause
Sept. 26, 2010

We invite everyone to join us in this shout out and run for the BENEFIT OF CARITAS Manila.

For only P500.00 registration fee for 3k/5k/10k,
you get a Singlet, RaceBib, Thunderbird Resorts discounts, and most importantly you give a donation to Caritas Manila and help the marginalized communities to prepare for calamities such as typhoons.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mt. Batulao Nasugbu, Batangas Travel


0600 AT macapagal blewave.
0800 bacoor stop and re group
0900 at Dasma for a quick marienda
1000 at silang tagaytay for buko juice stop over and donut stop over.
1200 lunch at olivares
0200 ever crest nasugbu, Batangas and start bike trek.
0500 camp at new trail.

0400 ETD bus terminal in EDSA-Taft via Crow Bus Lines to Nasugbu, Batangas (P114.00)
0715 Arrival at Evercrest
0730 Start trek
0930 Arrival at Camp 1 (fee of P20.00)
1015 Arrival at Camp 8, commence summit assault
1100 Arrival at summit; lunch
1200 Start descent
1530 Back at Evercrest; clean-up at nearby sari-sari store
1600 ETD for Tagaytay by jeepney (P24.00)
1630 ETA Tagaytay; anything goes from here

Ride form manila to Nasugbu, Batangas

after the ride form manila to tagaytay, we stop over at evercrest subdivision and at the front of that is manang carinderia for last buying and pack dinner. that manang carinderia is mountaineering stop over for buying some stuff like battery and trail food.

Mt. bike and climb

Travel Advisory

For months of December-February, jackets or long-sleeved shirts have a dual purpose in Batulao: they protect you from the chilly morning temperature, and shield you from the sun’s UV rays. Avoid garments that easily stain with dust, for Batulao is arid. During the rainy season, however, Batulao also gets humid, so wear clothes according to your comfort. Also, during rainy days, the portions of the trails could be severely muddy -- preparing accordingly. In all seasons, however, long-sleeved clothing is still advised.

For the old trail, some would advice wearing gloves during the final ascent to Batulao’s peak, but it would depend on the hiker’s grip and convenience. For the new trail, gloves are not needed nor recommended.

Boy guides, aged 8-17, wait for mountaineers by the highway; you can secure their services for a range of prices but recommends P300/day. Don't worry much about the 'child labor' aspect as these kids are able to go to school on weekdays; they do the guiding on weekends as their part-time job.

Going to Summit

Trail going to old trail

You can save time by taking a tricycle from the highway to the end of the road - about a 20-minute trip that costs P100/tricycle ride. You can also get their cellphone number to fetch you on your way back. At the small village that you will pass by foot or trike, you can buy food and water. A local ice cream is also sold.

At Camp 1, P20 fee is collected; a similar fee is collected at the New Trail campsite. Take note: If you want to two different trails up and down, you must pay P20 on both sides.

There are no immediately accessible water sources throughout the Batulao trail but guides can access further sources, 30 minutes away for you on either trails. For dayhikes, 1.5-2 L water is advised. Cellphone signal is present throughout the climb.

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