Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art Photo Contest, Thunderbird Resorts

What it is all About


1. What it is all About

With the overwhelming support for the Express Your Art Photo Contest, Thunderbird Resorts once again host its second photo contest entitled Thunderbird Resorts: Express Your Art Photo Contest II – Go Green. Together with Caltex Philippines and Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation Inc. as partners, Thunderbird Resorts: Express Your Art Photo Contest II – Go Green aims to promote Sustainability through photographs submitted by contest participants. The contest also is Thunderbird Resorts’ way of supporting art among Filipinos with photography as medium. With the provinces Rizal and La Union being struck simultaneously by 2 destructive typhoons, Thunderbird Resorts saw the need to further promote its TREES (Thunderbird Resorts Efforts on Environment Sustainability) program. The primary purpose of the program is to create awareness, promote environmental balance, and instill commitment. Participants through their photographs will contribute greatly with the message each photo entry reflects. Winning photographs of this contest will be published in Digital Photographer Philippines and posted in the Thunderbird Resorts Website. Photos gathered from the photo contest may also be incorporated in some marketing materials promoting Thunderbird Resorts’ TRESS Program, with credit given to the photographer.

2. Who Will Qualify

This photo contest is open to all professional and amateur photographers, eighteen (18) years old and above, and residents of the Philippines.

3. Rules on Submission of Entries

a. An entry consists of: - 1 completed contest registration form - 8” x 12” print of the contest entry - soft copy of the contest entry with file extension .jpg or .tiff
b. Participants may submit 5 entries per category. A participant can only win once in the entire contest.
c. Participants, when submitting entries, may combine several entries in one legal size brown envelope.
d. All photos submitted should have been taken during the duration of the contest, which is from October 1, 2010 to December 1, 2010. Entries shall contain metadata to ascertain the date of the photo shoot.
e. Deadline for the submission of entries is on December 10, 2010.
f. Participants may download registration forms from
g. All entries should be free of watermarks and other markings. Entries should not contain any borders.
h. Submitted Photographs shall be exclusive to this contest. It must be unpublished and it must not have been submitted and will not be submitted in any other contests.
i. Black and white and color formats are accepted. Images should not contain drastic alteration. Elements should not be added nor removed. Color and contrast adjustments are acceptable. High Dynamic Range (HDR), Infra Red (IR) and Stitched Photos are not accepted.
j. All entries should meet the contest criteria. Failure to do such will result to rejection of the entry.
k. The participant shall guarantee that forwarded entries are taken by him or her. No other entity has rights, claims or interests on the submitted photographs. To this end, the participant shall execute the Undertaking, upon submission of the participant’s entry within the prescribed contest period.
l. For photographs with people as subjects, consent is required from person(s) being photographed. Participant must provide a signed written personal release from person(s) who appear in the photograph. This should be submitted together with the photo contest entry.

4. Deadline and Submission of Entries

Deadline for the submission of entries is on December 10, 2010. The contest organizers are not responsible for any postal or technical delay in the transmission of the entries. All entries must be received by Thunderbird Resorts at its office at 24th Floor, Salcedo Tower, 169 H. V. dela Costa Street, Makati City on or before December 10, 2010. All entries should be mailed or personally submitted inside a sealed envelope to: Thunderbird Resorts: Express Your Art Photo Contest II – Go Green Photocontest c/o Jocelyn Henares 24th Floor Salcedo Tower 169 HV Dela Costa St. Makati City 1299

5. Criteria for Judging

a. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: Thematic Relevance 40% Originality 30% Technical Excellence 30% b. Theme Categories

Awareness: pictures depicting sensitive designs that balance sustainable technology with the environment (i.e. green engineering: solar energy, wind power, energy efficiency, etc). Designs that are feasible, economical and portray not only the reduction of pollution but also minimizes the risk to human health and the environment.

Balance: pictures that illustrate ecosystem protection and management. This may include programs such as water conservation and waste management or activities like coastal clean-up, tree-planting, marine protection, organic garden, and the like.

Commitment: photos that show corporate social responsibility programs such as health services, educational training-related projects and livelihood programs to help generate income and employment for local people. This also includes activities that focus on volunteering, personal growth and environmental responsibility. The idea is to capture compelling environmental degradation in the country as well as attempts to remediate past damage. The photos should be striking to make the audience realize that they need to change their mind-set to become better custodians of earth. All entries must portray an accurate reflection of the contest theme, without alteration (other than standard optimization, including removal of dust, cropping, adjustments to color and contrast, etc.)

6. Mechanics for Judging

a. The top four prizes and consolation prizes shall be selected from the Finalists. Winners shall be notified via mail, email and/or phone call.

b. Thunderbird Resorts is the primary organization handling logistics for this contest. The Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc., Digital Photographer Philippines and Caltex are event partners aiding Thunderbird Resorts in promoting the contest. Representatives of Thunderbird Resorts together with Nino Carandang shall pre-screen and select the 30 finalists (10 from each category). The entries will be opened in front of a DTI Representative who shall ensure that the rules of the contest are followed.

c. Representatives of Thunderbird Resorts together with Nino Carandang shall select competent judges who will judge and select the winning entries from among the 30 finalists.

d. To ensure that judging is fair and objective, the final 30 entries shall be numbered. The names of the photographers shall not be disclosed until winning entries are identified.

e. Judges' decision is final and binding.

f. All stages of the contest shall be supervised by a DTI representative who shall ensure that the rules of the contest are followed.
Prizes for this contest are as follows:
Grand Prize - Php 250,000.00
Category Prizes:
- Awareness – Php 50,000.00
- Balance – Php 50,000.00
- Commitment – Php 50,000.00

10 Consolation Prizes of Php 5,000.00 each (selected from the consolidation of all entries, regardless of catergory).

g. 30 Finalists (10 from each category) shall be announced in the Thunderbird Resorts Asia website ( on January 7, 2011. Winners will be announced and Awarded on January 29, 2011 during Photoworld’s Photographer’s Night. Details of the event shall be relayed to the finalists via SMS or EMAIL.
h. Prizes not claimed within 60 days shall be forfeited in favor of Thunderbird Resorts. i. Taxes on prizes shall be the sole responsibility of the winner.

7. Rights over the Submitted Photographs

Ownership of the photos shall be with the photographers of the entries. However, submission of these photos as entries to Thunderbird Resorts-Asia give option to the latter and its event partners the right to use the photo outside of the photo contest, which may include Exhibit, Company’s brochures, posters, billboard, postcards, merchandise, online advertisement, website, web blogs, social networking sites, and other online marketing sites, given consent by the photographer. The free usage, however, of the same by the Company for its marketing and promotions shall be limited to five (5) years. Thunderbird Resorts is not allowed to lend or sell these photos for monetary consideration.

8. Disqualification Employees and relatives Employees of Thunderbird Resorts and their relatives up to the 3rd degree of consanguinity are disqualified from joining this contest. You may download and fill out a registration form (in pdf format) here. For inquiries, pls. email Jocelyn Henares at

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